Austral Clothes Hoists
Austral Fold Down Standard

patented tension lock

Fold Down

Clothes lines to suit any requirement

Austral Fold Downs have more line space for greater drying flexibility and fold down to a tiny 6-8cm side profile.

All Austral’s Fold Downs are manufactured using Australian milled, BlueScope® Galvabond® Tubular Steel to ensure strength and durability.

All Austral Fold Downs are supplied with pre-assembled side arms to make installation a breeze. Simply remove from the box and bolt directly into pre-drilled wall or onto fixed Ground Mount Kit using fittings supplied.

Austral Fold Downs may be reduced in length by shortening the front bar during installation. Whether you have a large or small space available, there is a Fold Down to suit your requirements.

  • Add-A-Line A full family sized line with two folding frames.
  • Standard A full family sized line with one large folding frame.
  • Compact A compact family sized line with one folding frame.
  • Compact 39 An extra wide compact family sized line
    with one folding frame.
  • Slenderline 16 A narrow line ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Slenderline 20 A long narrow line perfect
    for side paths or restricted areas.
  • Unit Line A small line perfect for apartments, units or as a second undercover line.
  • Indoor / Outdoor Line An 8m eco friendly line for the smallest of spaces. Can fit discreetly over a bench or laundry tub.
  • Ground Mount Kits are available for soil installations
    or Plated Ground Mount Kits for hard surface fixing.
Fold Down Dimensions Line Space No. of Lines Woodland Grey,
Monument, Dune & Surfmist
Classic Cream Compatible with
Ground Mount Kit
Suitable For
Add-A-Line 2.49m x 1.5m 35.6m 15 Yes Yes Yes 4-6 people
Standard 2.49m x 1.5m 28.5m 12 Yes Yes Yes 1-4 people
Compact 2.49m x 0.935m 28.5m 12 Yes Yes Yes 1-4 people
Compact 39 3.39m x 0.935m 39.3m 12 Yes Yes Yes 1-6 people
Slenderline 16 2.49m x 0.61m 14.2m 6 Yes Yes Yes 1-2 people
Slenderline 20 3.39m x 0.61m 19.6m 6 Yes Yes Yes 1-2 people
Unit Line 1.4m x 0.935m 15.4m 12 Yes Yes Yes 1-2 people
Indoor/Outdoor 1.26m x 0.6m 8.2m 7 Yes No No 1-2 people