Austral Clothes Hoists

Fold Away 45

Fold Away Rotary

The Austral Fold Away 45 is Austral’s medium sized Fold Away Rotary clothes lines.

  • 3.3m head diameter
  • 7 lines
  • 46.5m of line space
  • All structural components are made from sturdy Galvabond Steel. Very few plastic components are used to make Austral’s Fold Away Rotaries.
  • The FA45 will fit a standard Queen size sheet on the external lines.
    Outer line length: 222cm long.
  • PVC coated and UV treated cord
  • Recommended area: 4m x 4m (to allow sheets to swing freely)
  • Suitable for 4-6 people
  • Pre-corded rotary head allows for easy installation
    (see Installation Guide)
  • Standard colour range:
    Woodland  Grey or Classic Cream  or Special Colours available to order
  • Total box size: 2150mm x 230mm x 165mm
  • Total packaged weight: 13.5kgs.
  • See Frequently Asked Questions
  • For Austral Ezy Rest Basket Holder see Accessories
Fold Away Diameter Line Space No. of Lines Classic
Suitable For
Fold Away 45 3.3m 46.5m 7 Yes Yes Yes 4m x 4m 4-6 people
Fold Away 51 3.8m 51m 7 Yes Yes Yes 4.5m x 4.5m 4-6 people